Who is Lady Clare Eluka (LCE) ?

Multi-award winning Ethical beauty Entrepreneur, Educator and Allergy Practitioner, Lady Clare Eluka BSYA ACHP, is a pioneering force in the contemporary health and wellbeing industry from North London. After working 10 years in the beauty sector for global brands and founding a small vegan brand whilst teaching A-Level English by the tender age of 24, LCE set her sights higher and remerged with the world’s 1st Allergy UK Cert brand, Premae Skincare.

In 2004, LCE was first diagnosed with Candida Albicans – intolerances to wheat, dairy, yeast and sugar.

In 2006, LCE founded a Makeup directory, Spikes Makeup catering to film, tv, celebrities and magazines.

In 2008, LCE began blogging and freelance journalism for a variety of magazines.

On LCE’s 26th earthday, July 7th, Premae Skincare was born – the world’s first, critically acclaimed and highly anticipated pioneering Allergy-free face and body brand. Within 40 days of launching in December, the brand was nominated an award for the best freefrom face product for the Ezcema moisturiser, Clemensy Balm by the Beauty Bible’s Skins Matter Awards 2012 http://www.premaeskincare.com and has recieved rave reviews the world over from Celebrity Health professionals and customers!

LCE and Premae have collectively won 7 awards in 9 months, during 2012

Clare was personally nominated for 9 awards in 2012 and  won four:
Educator of the year by Women 4Africa Awards, Winner – May 2012

Personal Achievement of the year, Sunday Essiet Company, Winner, June 2012

Best Makeup Artist of the year, NEL Awards,  Winner, Sept 2012

35 Women Under 35, Management Today Awards, ‘One to watch’, July 2012

Entrepreneur of the year, Precious Magazine Awards, Winner Nov 2012

Clare’s products have won 3 awards this year too, a remarkable achievement for a new start up business and a testimony to the premium quality of her unique formulations:

Award Winner: Best Natural Mens Product, Platinum Awards 2012

Award Winner: Best Anti-ageing product, Triumph Face Balm, Platinum Awards 2012

Award Commended: Best Eczema Face Moisturizer, Clemensy Face Balm, Skins Matter Awards 2012

Clare is a pioneer and role model for disadvantaged youth, growing up in Islington Care system, Clare lost her father at the age of 9 to diabetes coma and her mother suffered with longterm bipolar. Clare works with schools to deliver aspirational entrepreneur programmes for enrichment.

Clare is also commissioned by global charity, Children in Need to work with inner city London youth to educate them on the science of beauty. Watch the video of the winter master class in Hackney, East London. watch the inspiration educational video here

As part of Clare’s career, Clare is writing two books, due for release late 2013 and is training as a meditation teacher.

** Notice: Lady Clare is actually my real name, as on her birth certificate, passport and CRB. A name i once rejected during adolescense but have chosen to fully embraced as a woman.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Clare,
    Your email dropped into my box. Don’t know how you found me but I’m glad you did. I am about to make a lengthy trip to East Africa and my first stop is Uganda. I am a journalist and researcher and I will be living with the Batwa people in SW for a couple of weeks before staying with friends in Kampala and making contact with the University research departments as well as getting a feel of the country and what interesting enterprise, etc. is happening. I will then travel to Rwanda and Tanzania to do similar things as well as work with museums.

    I am also a copywriter and report writer so if you need my services do holla.

    I shall start to follow your work and any tips you can give on Uganda or East in general please do.

    thisisculture.net (my website is currently being redesigned) but you can see my writings

  2. Hi Clare,

    Saw your interview http://www.femmelounge.org and it was indeed very inspiring. I love what you are doing and I pray that God will guide you and direct you as you impact your generation and leave your footprints in the sands of time. God bless you.

    Love from Nigeria.

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