Wheat Allergies (or intolerance) is one of the biggest rising allergens in the western world.  I believe the reason for this is because of the increased wheat durum semolina used to bulk up (thicken) meat, skincare & hair care.  Wheat allergies are the parent allergen for Coliac disease and Gluten intolarances

What, where, why?

Wheat is a cheap grain that grows wild. It is an organic substance but widely sprayed with pesticides to make the reproduction and growth time speed up. Wheat, durum wheat, triticale, cereal rye, barley, rye grass, oats, canary grass, rice, maize, sorghum and Johnson grass are all reactive and can cross react with grass pollen dependent on where the wheat is harvested.

The revelation

Hydrologized Wheat, which has become heavily featured in Cosmetics is a another form of Amino Acids and Peptides ( or Poly Peptides) which up to now, have been hailed as ‘great for strengthening hair’  or ‘ conditioning and moisturizing for the skin’. I’m here to let you know, that this is much to the contrary.

Common symptoms

Wheat allergies are not altogether different from other food allergies or respiratory allergies. However two conditions, exercise/aspirin induced anaphylaxis and urticaria occur more frequently with wheat allergies.Common symptoms of a wheat allergy include:

eczema (atopic dermatitis), – I have experienced this

hives (urticaria), asthma,

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis), – I have experienced this

angioedema (tissue swelling due to fluid leakage from blood vessels),

abdominal cramps, – I have experienced this

nausea, – I have experienced this

vomiting, – I have experienced this

Rarer symptoms include anaphylactic shock,


bloated stomach, – I have experienced this

chest pains, – I have experienced this

depression – I have experienced this

mood swings,



headache, – I have experienced this

joint and muscle aches and pains (may be associated with progressive arthritis),



irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), – I have experienced this

swollen throat or tongue, – I have experienced this

tiredness – I have experienced this

lethargy– I have experienced this

unexplained cough. Reactions may become more severe with repeated exposure. – I have experienced this

Dehydrated & broken hair ( dead hair, not growing) – I have experienced this

Itchy scalp – I have experienced this

Brittle Nails – I have experienced this

Athletes Foot – I have experienced this

Avoid also

Spelt wheat

Kamut wheat

The cure

Skincare products to avoid:

– Hair Shampoo/ Condition containing Hydrologised Wheat Protein

– Face creams, serums containing Wheat Germ Oil

Instead of loosing the will to live and thinking about the fact the most Italian resturants are a no-go, start indulging in a more African or Oriental based cusines which use: Rice flour, Wheat-free millet flour, buckwheat, flax seed meal, corn meal, quinoa flour, chia seed flour and tapioca starch which will leave you bloat-free, less irritated and starve the body of repeat exposure to dredded wheat.

Written By Clare Eluka, Sole Director


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