Food & Drink

All my  Candida Free  Meals| Raw Bites & fab recipes

SEPT 2012:

Vegan stir-fry with tofu, carrots, bean shoots

AUGUST 2012:

Fruit Salad with coconut milk & oats

Corn, Brockley, Asparagus, Peppers

Rocket Salad with Apple, Avocado, Banana

Curry soup: green beans, shaved corn, tomatoes, carrots, peas

Courgette curry, corn, rice and cucumbers

Cay Tre Soho, Entree Rice paper tofu rolls!

St Albans Market Cheesecake – completely naughty!

Vegetable Briyani, rocket and cucumber salad

Humus & Cucumber on toast – lazy but healthy

JUNE 2012:

Got the worst sore throat from Smoking (yes, I know, tut tut!!!) So ploughing myself with more power jucie: Ginger, Cuc, Apple &  Banana

My E’s back from Menorca, so we did our Indian takeaway ritual – veg Jalfrezi, Sag Dahl, Aloo Gobi & Pilau Rice

Back on trak – Immuno Boost Juice: Garlic, Cucumber & Pear

Seriously busy – Falafel with the full works salad & chips

Plamil Vegan Garlic Mayo, Tofu with tomatoe sauce, rocket sala, avocado, carrot, cloves of garlic – Give me strength!

Humous on toast with cuc – carrot, cuc & ginger juice – iamsuperdopperbusyandthisisbreakfast!

Imtoobusytocookapropermeal dinner: wheat free pasta, neals yeard soya mince, free&easy dairy-free cheese sauce, tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic


Some more fijada and spinach pasta by E

Dessert: Swedish Glace Blueberry Ice dessert with banana – YEAH BABY!

Made a special celebratory dinner for E. Rice & peas, corn and cob, fried tofu with peppers, mushrooms, carrot salad


Veggie Pizza & a cuppa w/ E

Indian: Sag Bhuna, Pilau Rice, Veg Madras, Peshwari Naan w/ E


Spinache tortilini, rocket with Avocado, toms, olive oil, balsamic, left over fijada w/ E

My potluck concoction: brown rice, lentils, chestnut pie & fijada

Butternut Soup made by Pat

Vegan potluck/ Jubilee Party at Emily’s and Pat’s – Margaret made the most delicious Vegan/ GF chocolate cake I have EVER tasted! Recipe pls!

Swiss breakfast in bed w/ E: Yogurt, Oats, Strawberry, Kiwi, blueberries

Ro’s leaving london, drinks at Blues Bar Camden

MAY 2012:

More rocket, plus Avocado & boiled potatoes

Went to Cay Tre w/ E.  in Soho. Vegan Rice paper rolls w/ peanut sauce

Sticky Rice & Vegan Ockra and mushroom curry! ABSOLUTELY Delicious!!!!!!!!!


Homemade Tofu, Rocket & Beetroot Salad, cuc, toms, Plamil Mayo

Dinner with Farz at the Brunswick sq, Giraffe – Veggie Burrito & Avocado Salad followed by naughty chocolate brownie


Looks abit manky, but it was soo delish – Prunes, Carrots, blackberries, raspberries – i’ve called it Premae Soursap Juice

Vegan okra and ground rice, courtesy of mommy

Whoop, the 1st meal I made for E.  Vegan Thai green curry w/ Tofu, coconut milk, green beans, red pepper, thai sauce and rice

He loved it.

I made gluten-free pasta, sundried tomatoes, with rocket, E made more Feijoada (brazilian dish) – had double portions, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

More lunch with E, left overs are so good for you, the flavour soaked into the daal, the salsa dip was delicious

Rocket salad, tomatoe, beetroot/pear salad, crackers with humus for lunch, courtesy of E – LOVEly!

Fiazoi (kidney beans, spices and tomatoes), green beans and thai rice, courtesy of E, more brain food

Lemon and ginger raw water and fruit salad sprinkled with cinnamon for breakfast courtesy of E – I love this ritual

Dinner party at E’s, walnuts, olives, cashews and wine for starters, followed by Daal, green beans and thai rice – power food!


Vegan Okra soup and ground rice courtesy of mommy – delicious

Dinner with farz is always followed by a sweet treat – headed to The Breakfast Club in Angel for panckaes and icecream

Went Veggie Centre with Farz, Onion bajis, veg curry and pilau rice. Chocolate Alpro Soya Shake


10 carrots, celery, cucumber, 2 kiwi’s and summer berries

Wheat-free pasta with Cheezly Vegan Cheese

Me and E’s 1st meal together, lentil soup with corn and the cob, walnuts and cashews. Wine

New juicer: Kara coconut milk, 10 carrots, 1/2 cucumber, 2 banana’s, a bud of ginger – POWER!


Seggiano’s Chocolate Orange cake with Soya custard, too much

Veg Biryani – All time favourite!

Wheat-free, nut luncheon and vegetables – absolutely scrumptious!

Sponsor of LYWD – energy juice

APRIL 2012:

Reviewing the Luxury Vegan Joint – tibits on Heddon St food quarter, was an absolute pleasure! I was requested to do a feature for Hot Minute Mag by editor Lesley.

I devoured the African Aboboe, Lebanese Hot Pot and indian Veg Mix. The Vegan wine was… powerful!

The place is pay-per-weight swiss dining practice, so think twice before slapping it all on. Fact is, when your’e eating 80% Vegan, you don’t need much to feel full.

Best thing is the NEW Gluten-free Victoria Sponge Cake – OOOOOOOMG! Tastes absolutely delicious, i’m going back just to have tea & that cake next week!

The Vegan Drinks, hosted by Sean @FatGayVegan is such an incredible eve at Tibits, filled with warm people from diverse walks of life. Not the stereotypical sandal wearing, stoosh, unfriendly clans we’ve previously been used to. Refreshing and definetly needed, I WILL B hanging with them all again.



Gluten-free pasta with Buiollon Tofu, tomatoes and onions. Another ‘i’m tooo busy meal’ – lasted 3 days tho!

Made  bad-ass rice veg stirfry which tasted – OH YES! You need to grab Gifty’s Kitchen Hot pepper sauce! Can’t live without it now!

Sheer busy-ness

Chocolate Cake & Icecream at Desparado’s with @farzanabanana

Met Victoria for juice lunch at Joe The Juicers on Regent St. I went for Carrot Doc

When your too busy to cook; 1 cucumber, 2 slices of wheat-free soya bread, 3 lashings of tofutti garlic & herb. Bon Apettite!

Egg-cellent easter! Had Green & blacks egg

Had a nice cuppa in lovely lil Peckham spot called Cafe Viva. Great Chocolate Brownie

MARCH 2012:

Wheat-free, Egg free pasta with Toffuti and mixed veg. Tasted Great!

Em hooked it up, noodles, jelof and veg frittas

OCTANE PR Grabbed my attention by sending me Yummy O shapped Buscuits. Me & mommy waxed those off quickly!


Hands down, my momma makes the best Ockra Soup! Say Something!!!

Mommy stayed over & taught me how to make Maoy Maoy – African Vegan cuisine ROCKS!



Gluten-free Vanilla cupcake at Hummingbird Cakes, Wardour St


Berry nice way to start a berry busy week ~ provamel, H&Barretts

Lunch at Aloka Brighton ~ garlic cashew cauliflower cheese was heavenly!


MY fav! They saved the last bar for me… I heart Plamil!

Falafel Salad ~ vegfest

Louisa’s semi raw food, vegan broth. It was delish!

Amy’s Kitchen ~ MY SAVIOUR! Vegan/ GF Macaroni Cheese!

Vegan Thai green curry at Magg’s, Brighton, Patcham

GF/ Alpro Soya Carrot Cake for early mothers day. yippee!

Happy birthday potatoe head!


Doves Gluten-free penne, sundried tom sauce, onions & toms, artichokes + herbs with cheezly. Simple

Did a food shop for my baby sis JoJo at earth foods, kentish town: Good hemp milk, plamil egg-free mayo’s, orgran rice pasta’s, xylitol, tyrell crisps, scheezly, toffuti, plamil milk-free white chocolate, Scheeze + the most icredible falafels made from DATES & raisans!!

Onion + tomatoe soya stew with Scheezly cheese

stumbled across the delightful spot in Hackney; POGO resturant, vegan + partially candida free

The kind family of volunteers hooked me up with a £6 plate for £3.50 (no cash point near by, oops)

I had dahl blls, beetroot, raw salad + squash with mash. Delish! I’ll grab a cake nxt time i’m in



uber healthy omega rich steamed dinner; baby corn and the cob, green beans, pots, egg-free sauce + salmon

Homemade Soup: Aubergines, green chillies, onions, tomatoes, water, brown pepper,  wheat-free Tesco’s bread


White rice with Veggie Mince with tomatoe sauce


Celebratory evening in with veg biry + peshwari naan (pop up finale)

cooked a fantabulous healthy lunch ~ aubergine chips, mustard, tomatoes x wheatfree pasta, cheezly red mature vegan cheese + mixed veg

Cakes at Earth Kind Store in Kentish Town, all vegan + wheat-free + delicioso!


At Chompoo, Thai Resturant near my mums. Soya Green Thai  with coconut rice was ok, not the best I’ve ever tasted. Em got a Tofu Stirfry


At Wild & Green in Dublin ~ beautiful natural foods store. Amazing cakes + deli!!!!!


Wheat free spaghetti with homemade tomatoe, anchovie and onion sauce


Raw Juice at Premae Skincare Pop Up Shop

Me + Lou went to Brixton, Ms.Cupcake to pick up Premae Carrot Cake for pop up launch,  Triple Chocolate + Fererro Rocher cupcakes.

Absolutely Adore this store !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tofu Vindaloo i made 3 my whole fam! Green Chilli’s ~ serious kick start ~ happy new yr!


NYE: Crabbies gluten-free ginger beer with my sisters!


30th – canary wharf Slug + L, Veg curry was actually very nice!

Home made soup, pots/yam/carrots/ – nothing hotter than a brother that can cook!

Laziest Crimob- eve – Green Thai Curry deliciouso!

Tofu Veg Curry + rice noodles- wasn’t my finest culinary hr, but still

Veg biry w/ salad. SAY NO MORE…very addictive

Courgetter Stirfry w/ green beans, lemograss mayo + mustard

Lentils + brown rice, tryna kick start my strict candida diet again

Mommy made the best soup, First time I’ve had it: Ofe KwanKwu, Vegeatbe Spinach soup

Met with Tash.F & Sam.G, went coco’s and had Ockra Soup & Ground Rice

Lunch with Farz at ‘Bea’s in Bloomsbury’, the most incredible xmas cake display, I indulged in the Vegan Double Chocolate


Staff dinner with Lou, Coconut Curry & Rice Noodles  at Sen Viet- 100% candida-free

Gracie’s baby shower cake, ABSOLUTELY delish!!!!!!!!! Katrina is a bad ass cke maker!


my mixed veg taramand stri-fry

My homemade Potatoe Vindaloo, very proud

Had an evening meeting at Cafe 1888 on Leciester Sq, the buffest Soya Latte

Lunch with the lovely Saul Tracey, he showed me a new fod MECCA! Tibits on Heddon St, Piccadily

Allergen-free food, pay-byweight. Elegant & homely. Love it!


Food, glorious Niaja Food (and naughty healthy treats)

My home made red pea soup: tomatoes, garlic, sweet potatoe, potatoes, onions, red kidney beans,

cinnamon, white pepper. BANGING! Lasted me 4days!



My Igbo tutor always takes me for dinner after class – we go to Finsbury Park Nigeria resturant

This time I tired Amaka + Okra Soup, we both looked pregnant after eating that. Has a weird but delicious taste – try it!

We all had to bring a dish to Anisha’s dinner party, the food was divine!  Vegan Pumpkin Srilankan curry, Aloo Gobi, Biryani, Plaintain, Plain rice, Raita

lots of wine, gin + tonique + homemade chestnut dairy-free cake!!!!!! Delish!!!!! Wonderful night



A mountain of Groundrice – Love u mommy!

My irish roots (lol) always find me lunching on jacket potatoe. beans, tomatoes, lettuce, Cheezly Vegan cheese, onions.

After treating Anisha to a new MAC cosemtics wardrobe lol, I took her to my local Vietnamese resturant for a wondeful lunch

Tofu stired fry with jasmine rice

Brainstorming requires lots of red wine!

Homemade brownies from Anisha! Yummy!!!!

WEEK 12 – Started off rather naughty (monthly’s, needed a sugar fix). Went to posh Cafe Concerto in High St Ken with Farz

for tea and cake

WEEK 11 – Spending time with Kate, model, actress, fitness instructor and my bestie is always a health boost

Lots of nuts, pulses, spinach and beans, namely bean burgers with soya smoothies from Starbucks.

Also, Aubergine Fries are my favourite new snack! Boil slightly, put in the oven so they crisp and slice Courgettes with Garlic. YUMMM!


WEEK 9 + 10

Big Mystery at the mo

WEEK 7+ 8


London Vegan Fest Shopping! Vegan Burger and reunion with my Plamil Chocolate Orange which I couldn’t find ANYWHERE! Yummmm!


My bestie Kate took me 4 a raw mango smoothie. Everything in the store is mango based!



Eating a delicious Tofu Noodle Salad with Jojo at Viet Resturant

Ground Rice with Ockra soup, traditionally made with Chicken or Fish but I have got my family eating soya chunks and tofu! Yey! I didn’t realise converting my fam to a plant based diet could actually happen. Very happy!

Cloron is a bad-ass cook! Jamaican Hardfood, Ital, completely Vegan, just for me. What a diamond geezer x (Festival, Ackee, Spinach,Dumplings, Yam)

Vegan Hindu Food at Ashika’s wedding, I need 2 find out what those green balls were – DEL-I-CIOUS!


Another busy week- the highlights!

Breakfast at mommy’s – Plaintain. Simple

I had 2 lovely fallafel meals this week, + forgot to take pics! damn! But, I took a snap of my cuttttee Bakalava birthday cake courtesy of Anna + Chris! Love u guys xx

On the go-go-go this week, redecorating mommys + meetings, so this is standard 10 second munch

I’ve started eating cereal again! OATABIX with Rice Milk. YUMM! Then I go bike riding for 3hrs!


Birthday week. been super busy, but here is my party food!

This week, snacking on Oats & abit naughty with Sweet Freedom sweetner

Birthday party food:

Tofu Tatoe Salad with Dairy Free Garlic Mayo, Oregano  |  Wheat Free Pasta with Dairy Free Cheese Sauce, Kidney beans, Tomatoes, onions and tumeric. Guests devoured this! Tofu Tatoe Salad was too much! Proud!



In full swing with the Candida-free diet. Lots of salad as summer is officially here! 1st week of July!

Working very hard this week, so not many pics – soz!

Swedish Glace, lactose free icecream. Absolutely addictive! Raspberry Flavour has now replaced Vanilla!


Tofu salad, with carrots, cabbage, egg free mayo, onions and tomatoes

Tesco’s chicken-style veggie fillets in Ockra soup! I have converted my whole family to Veganism..slowly!


Whoop! Despite, Cold & Flu, sore throat and closing down my old business. i’ve managed to really keep up with my Candida – Free diet! Trooper!

Day 14 – Day 21:

Walnut + Tofu Vegan Salad

Homemade ginger mash, vegan sauage mix from Granose, Beans + green beans


Meat-free chicken style fillets, genuis brea, humus + spinach

Homemade Carrot, Ginger + Garlic Juice!



Day 12: Maeve’s bbq – the meat eaters devoured my veggie burgers so I was left with humus, green salad and jacket potatoes with lots of vodka shots!

Day 11: Wagamama’s – Tofu, Beanshoots, flat rice noodles, ginger, mushrooms

Day 10: Home made chips, beans and onions

Day 8: Genuis bread with Egg Free Mayo, cucumbers, spring onion, tomatoes and garlic.


So, I have survived week 1 and onto week 2. I’ve got less time this week with important meetings + business developments, so my food diary is random, but here goes it:


I have made it! First week completely sugar-free! I feel a great sense of achievement, apart from minor headaches and silly cravings, I have curved it by having tiny amounts of Sweet Freedom (dairy free + sugar free sweetner) in my Jasmine Tea which I drink 3 times a day. Let’s see what week 2 brings x

Day 6: Soya mince with homeade tomatoe sauce (rice flour, chopped tomatores, chilli powder, garlic, ginger, lemon juice), asparagus + rice noodles with brocoli + onions

Day 3:Sweet Potatoe Chips, Bean Shoots + Tofu with Green Salad garnished in Lemon juice, taramind sauce & chilli

Admittedly, the food in the fridge got abit boring, so Rich cooked up two fresh lovely meals.


Monday June 7th – I cooked: Cauliflower & Dairy Free Cheese Sauce, Soya Chunks in curry powder, Avocado & Lime, Carrots in Lemongrass, Oregano & Tahini, Red Lentils in Tumeric & Paprika, Mixed Veg with Runner beans and fresh shaved cucumber, Celery sticks in Satay Sauce.

Put everything in tupaware in the fridge, so I can nit-pick over the week.



As of June 7th I have gone COMPLETELY CANDIDA-FREE VEGAN. No fruits or sugars. I’ll post my weekly meals, as I will be preparing food twice a week which will last 3 days each. I am an avid ‘snacker’ so I will replace my pick-me-up sugar snacks with vegeatables & beans.

May 30th -Rice Noodles, Mixed Vgea, Onions, Red pepper, Soya mince, Jerk Sauce

May 26th –  Vegan Morrocan Tangine (soya, apricot sauce, onions) with Quinoa – this was absolutely delicious!

May 21st – Our local Vietnamese is literally addictive!  Tofu Noodle salad with cashewnuts is just divine


May 18th –  Went for business meeting in Chapel Market’s new Indian Canteen Grill. Had a lovely Channa ( Chickpea) spicy curry with pilau rice, followed by mango lassy.Rich had a Bhindi (Okra Curry). Was very tasty!


May 15th – Good old jacket potatoe on a lazy sunday. Beans, beetroot + sweet potatoe chips.Plantain, onions and Flaxseed Mayo.

May 14th – Our new local Vietnamese Resturant makes the most beautiful fresh dishes. This is Tofu Rice Noodles Salad with homemade chilli sauce. 11:45pm, after a gig, we were a little typsy & needed something

May 13th – Dairy-free + Sugar-free Chocolate spread from Plamil. I got this as a gift from the Allergen-free Show. I must say, it does taste like peanut butter, not really sweet enough for moi.


May 12th – Plantain, rice pasta, artichoke, cherry tomatoes, soya mince, red kidney beans

May 11th – My new french intern, Fahima, bought me some lovely goodies from Marseille, South of France. (Honey (Miel) which I can’t have), Strawberry Jam, Virgin Olive Oil + 2 chocolate bunnies


May 10th – Rice pasta, garlic bread, soya mince with tumeric+ chilli+ tomatoes, Avocado’s

May 9th – had breakfast! for the 1st time in yrs! ( I only eat lunch & dinner). Had Soya Harddough bread, cucumbers, egg free mayo with chilli’s, scherry tomatoes & crushed pepper with a cup of charlie from my vintage china. How very!

May 8th – waiting for N’Dambi to arrive in Brixton, so i popped into The Lounge for a lite snack with the crew. Had Falafel salad. I dont know what the sauce was, but it was goood! Tasty!

May 7th – bought home some wonderful goodies from AFGF Show where we exhibited Fri 6th- Sunday 8th. Addictive oat cookies from Nairns, Pure Oats from Juvela, Coconut cream & milk from Kara, Nakd fruit bars, Brown Bread, Palmils Egg Free Mayo, Sweet Freedoms Hone-free natural sweetner. HEAVEN!

May 6th – after the Allergen Free + Gluten Free Show, i was starving & full of wheatfree cake, so,  grabbed me some Eritrean Vegan Takeaway – injira bread (rice flour),  coconut curry, spinach stew, spicy sauce. very nice!

May 2nd – I cooked..again. wheat free vermicelli with red peppers, soys mince & tamarund sauce with coconut milk.

April 30th – Completely Allergen Free Meal, courtesy of Rich. Fresh Chickpea with Homemade Tomatoe Sauce, Sweet Potatoe chips (my favourite) + Onions, Asparagus & Ockra stew. Delicious!

April 28th – I finally  cooked dinner!!! For the 1st time in 6 months!! (Usually Rich cooks) Wheat & Gluten Free Spaghetti, lettuce, okra stew with meatfree chicken chunks, onions & peppers.

April 27th – After a great workout, I had to tuck into my new desert fix – Allergen Free Worthenshaws Chocolate with a bowl of fresh Strawberries.

April 23rd – Easter Weekend! Green & Blacks Dark Cacao Egg. HEAVEN!

April 22nd – Treated my sisters to Thai Veg Vegan diner. Always flipping scrumptious!

April 21st – SNACKING!!!! In the most healthiest way! 2 banana’s & blueberry Soya Yoghurt by SOJADE

April 20th – flying round town, visiting stockists, needed a good little snack! Spotted these dairy free & gluten free crisps in Baldwins. Yeah baby! Amaizin Corn Chips are flipping amazing

April 18th – Monday, Sweet Potatoe Chips & fried beetroot chips! Addicted to them! So,  made:

Rice & Peas, Jerk Soya chunks with Raw Mangoes,  Raw Passion Fruit,  red chilli pepper (so smoke out my sore throat) mixed into a homemade sauce, courgettes, Asparagus, bean shoots, Okra Avocado salad with lettuce & cucumber. Delicious!!!!!!!

April 10th – Sunday Raw Food Lunch, Lentil stew with Mango Salad, Red Peppers, Capers, Onions + Tumeric Rice & Egg Free Mayonnaise with Lemongrass Oil. Cracker Juice Lemon & Lime to wash it down, wonderful

April 6th – tops it with Aubergine Curry + Chick Peas  + Red Kidney beans with Soya chunks in sauce, Yellow tumeric rice & raw blended mango lassy

March 24th – buffness on a plate! Plaintain, soya chunks, cous cous, onions, tamarund sauce.

Oh Yes!

March 21st –  grabbed some vegan burgers at Veg Fest, but the poor things couldn’t sustain over time, so he mashed them and made a slap up for 2. Beans, Watercress Burgers, Wheat Free spaghetti, herbs and spices, olives, tomatoes. Nice!

March 19th – Sat : Brighton Vegan Fest had alot of incredible food including Moo Free Chocolate, Goody Good Stuff  Kosher & Halal Gelatine free Cola bottles… NAUGHTY TREATS NEVER TASTED SO GOOD! My new nibbles!

Dinner was just as yummy! Morrocan Vegan Burgers by Cresson Creative (made with watercress!!!) , wheat free spaghetti, mixed salad (tomatoe, jalopino, olives, cucumber, avocado & lettuce),

March 18th – Friday night in. Posh Artichoke Dinner. Let’s break it down: Artichoke with Egg Free Vegan mayonnaise for dipping. Tomatoes, jalopeno’s, yams, sweet potatoe, tofu, avocado, onion & spices – Delish!

March 17th – Crazy week, needed a liteweight simple dinner. Rice & Pea’s, Soya Chunks in Mango Juice, Salad & Mango Side dish.

March 13th – Spinach Soup, Gluten Free Pasta, Egg free Maiyonnaise, Aubergine, Avocado + Lemon juice with Chill Powder. Salad side. My health has never been better.

March 12th – lunch . The best gluten wheat free pesto pasta ever! Fried Plaintain & Cucumber lettuce salad with Cashew Nut Cheese. DELICIOUS!

March 11th – scrumptious dinner. Couscous, Dates, Raisans, Tamarund Soya Chunks, Onions, fresh mango, Plums, Fresh Pineapple, Mixed Veg

March 8th – Shrove Tuesday! To heck with wheat based pancakes, I’m going with an early easter egg for breakfast! Wheat & Gluten Free, M&S

March 1st Dinner – Vegan spag bol! Rice Noodles, Soya mince in Coconut Milk, Kidney Beans, Tomatoes & Onions

March 1st – Swedish Glaze Gluten & Dairy Free Icecream with Vegan Pandan Cake, YUMMY!

Dinner at Savannah’s in Greenwich, sun 27th feb. Vegan Nigeria – Buffness!

Lunch, sunday 27th Feb – Coconut Jam from China Town on Gluten Free bread. Jam smells unpleasing

but tastes delicious!

Dinner at the Veg Box in Angel, Islington. Thurs 24th after 2 great meetings

Looks like fish, looks like beef, looks like duck – but it’s SOYA! Absolute Genius!

Coconut Jam @ China Town shopping trip! yipee!

Raw Food lunch. Borlotti Beans, Avocado, Butter Beans, Dates, Onions, Mango, Peanuts. Delicious!

Rococo Vegan Chocolate – NEED! Intense, persistent, and strong chocolate recipe with an almost woody flavour infused with rose oil. The perfect luxury chocolate gift from the masters of floral chocolate.

Wed 23rd Feb – Dining at 1 of my fav resturants – Indian Veg Resturant on Chapel Market

Loving the Vegan selection there, and only £3.95 eat all you can!

Tues 22nd Feb – More mexican rice, but with Wheat Free Pesto Pasta & Beans!

Sunday 20th Feb – Mexican Potatoes & Rice with Gluten Free Bread, Cashew Cheese & Kiwi. Yeah baby!

Saturday 19th Feb – Gluten & Wheat Free Beer from Sainsbury’s. My NEW Alchohol crush!


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