Juke Box

For me, music is very remedial. I don’t own a TV, so here’s my entertainment.



Songs for E

Follow my lil star Zoe Kypri on sound cloud – I’ve known this girl since she was 7, she is going to BLOW THIS YEAR! MARK MY WORDS!


Sade is one of my style icons – me & E LOVE her!

Janet is f88*ing badass! This album has seen me through some lightbulb moments! Pleasure principle, owhh owhh owhh, principle of pleasure!

March 2nd – Me, Marvin & my macbook – what else do i need??!

Feb 6th – I love this man, man

Feb 5th – Oldie but goodie hehehe

Jan 16th – bye bye NIKKI MINAJ ~ this girl’s gonna blowww up! Memba I told ya!

Jan 12th – a real man asks his woman to lead some times x

Jan 10th

Jan 9th

Dec 25th – Christmas at my mums – SILLY!

Nov 23rd –

Nov 10th – been asking myself lots of silly q’s lately

Oct 15th – A real man, love u Ginuwine x

Oct 7th

Oct 5th

Oct 1st

Sept 20th

Sept 19th

Sept 13th – happy earthday. greatest poet that ever lived

Sept 7th- don’t get bitter, get better

Sept 1st

Aug 17th

Aug 10th

July 25th

July 24th

July 23rd – R.I.P Amy x

July 22nd- thanks for the email Conya x

July 17th

July 4th

June 27th

June 18th

June 12th

May 22nd

May 6th

May 1st

April 28th

March 14th

March 6th

Feb 19th


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