Eco | Ethical | Allergen-free or just damn cute!


New nail bar on my road, directly opposite my drum! refill, shape & paint for just £11!!!! DONAGE!

Doing the BIGGEST Oxfam clearout ever! 8 bags have gone!!! remaining is my Michele Obama inspired dresses and summer dresses.

I’m really thinking of only ever wearing red lipstick like SADE. But red is abit too dramatic for everyday life, maybe I shud become a popstar…

This is me, moments before having my 1st COLONIC IRRIGATION! Nervous!!!

Jazz at Ayot’s St.Lawrence – Larry on drums  – attendees: Emma, Emily, Katie, Pat, E, Mary, Me. Beer fest too. I opted for Apple&Pears cider.





At ro’s leaving drinks in camden:





Picasso is E’s favourite artist. Mine is Monet.

Me & E went to The British Museum, then the french house, then Cay Tre Soho


Cut, texturised & died my hair Sunday 27th May

Me and E at the Tate, Picasso & others, had a lovely lunch and toured the city, before watching Siding Doors.





Winning Eductor of the year has really been a privieldge and an honour. I think my lucky loubies must have had something to do with it : )




Camden resident book event, waterstones > Femi Martin. cheers for bringing me Farz


Connies 29th Bday a Ciro’s, Beauchamp Plce, Knightbridge – Sandie from Grease look. Leather, Loubies & Lace (no bra). Yeah Baby, bumped into Mark Morrison. Hilarious, the dude is 5ft 1!!! Great partying with my sis Em xx



Tried on some £3,000 Louboutins, they were lovely, but way too high! So I went for comfie Wedges to run around town in. Selfridges


Going back to my curly mop head roots, if only for a minute. Bouncy! Not tryna beg Beyonce, but we do have similar smiles

OMG – Spring clearout! Found these funny pics of me when I was 21, with an old friend, and with Talib Kweli in carnaby st. Jeez!

Premae’s taken an upgrade. SOS initative (Superior.Opulent.Specialist) Looks lux!

Thought i’d bring abit of sunshine to the April Showers – Yellow claw shapped nails


Wedges from Birmingham boutique, going to Precious Magazine IWD event at Westminster, Dept of health.


Russian Red lips by MAC, vintage dress (premae colour Teal)

My claws are getting ridiculously longggggggg

Those infamous white pants by East, that drive the men crazy! LOL, 1st time i’ve actually worn them, since I bought them. Only wore them for 15minutes to do Premae shoots LOL. Shirt – TM Lewin

Me & Mommy, hit the town – Gucci, H&M and 2 bad ass divas

At the beautiful Alok Brighton store, our Lou introduced me to Aura Soma therapy which is colour therapy,

basically it’s based on being attracted to colours that influence your life and meaning behind them to serve as helpful aid.

was attracted to the Navy with Golden Yellow; here’s what it said:

Navy: Healer, Higher spirit, Physic abilities

Golden Yellow: Confusion, depression, independence

The two mixed makes Emerald Green; Chakra’s, the region of the body is neck and throat, regality



Me & the fabulousity that is Ms Cupcake of Ms Cupcakes, Brixton’s finest cakes!

Gluten free Ferrero Rocher Cupcake – NUMBER ONE!

At Louboutin Selfridges


off to see THE PRESIDENT… of UGANDA at Westminster Abbey, holding an ambassador meeting on Sustainable Tourism in Uganda

i took my bestie, Connie with me. She wants us to go on the bird watching safari.




then onto wine + nibbles at Embankment


Mon 21st – HOT BRITZ Shoot with BBC’s finest brothers: Jimmy Akingbola (Holby city), Michael Abiora (Casualty), Wil Johnson (Waking the dead) & Chuky Venn (Eastenders). Awesome vibe on set, converted all the guys to GALLANT Range


Pale Nails – Barry M

My Vanilla Tobacco ran out, so I grabbed a new bottle of White Patchouli. I like Tom Ford parfums cos their natural

(hefty price tag ~ £137 for 100ml)



Chinawhites with Em, rocking my fellow pisces moon, Kim Kardashian smouldered eye look


Cut my weave! Going for a dip dyed Anna wintour/ Jen Anniston long bob. Start the new year looking vamp




Gracie’s Babyshower in Clapham South


Did makeup for body builder at Camera Club. The Joel O’Sullivan gallery was beautiful. I LOVE NUDE ART!!!!


Did makeup for PAPERCUT MAG, Tog – Hollice Carlin, Model – Amber from Leni’s, Stylist – Lyndsay from reeme&nina

I did makeup for STINKAHBELL


Lunch with the lovely Saul Tracy, he showed me a new fod MECCA! Tibits on Heddon St, Piccadily

Allergen-free food, pay-byweight. Elegant & homely. Love it!

I had a Mortitia Adams moment. digging the smokey liner & rebel lipstick.

Launched Coco & Crysti.


Chowing down on Egusu soup (Melon Seed) with Gari (pounded yam) at Coco’s

OMG, My new VEGAN MATT &NAT purple satchel arrived ~ errr, im in love, innit


Had a meeting at the Nigerian Embassy. Damn, that buildings cold & i got cussed off for charging my fone!

Veg Biryani at Kayes bday up Archway, delish!

Brow Beauti-FULL. Eye shadow always looks don after i’ve had my brows threaded

Goinnn H.A.M at BOND with my sis & sum fun dude!



Goin to the Young Diplomats annual event at BMW Showrooms. Fun! Those Dip boys loved my Red Guess Stillettos…


Em went abit Panda & bought all of the women in my fam a primani bed jump suit! (jo was at work wen this was taken)

Perfect hangover pyjamas – I was finished!

My blackberry bold has water damage, so i treated myself 2 a mini cam whilst i’m using my OLLLLDDDD Pearl BB.

heres a couple of moments

Nike Vs Adidas  birthday Party at Life Bar for Franklin Boateng of!/FABsnetwork birthday

Then i did a major makeover on Lou – dyed her hair, cut it n fringed, curled it, full makeup tutorial – GEEK TO CHIC!


Me + our visual merchandiser Lou Lou Brookes went to Tiranti to start building our soap moulds!


TEAL Handmade cushion covers with broches, yep, arts n crafts Clare is back! lol




September Sass:

Peace’s birthday at Bond, Movida + Zenna.  Yep, she went all out!



It was nice meeting up with my girls from school – haven’t seen some of them or 10yrs!!!! 10 yrs, and we live 15mins from each other! uncanny!

Met up with Kate + Mariee – talked love, life + acting at Mango ADDict


Kinjal, Khalada, Samantha, Ayesha + Tasha


I decided to heat things up for Autumn, starting the first half with my long blonde, black tresses and quickly changing it Hot red extensions.

Take a peek!

August Highlists:

My old editor at A-Shu Blog, Ashika, invited me to her incredible Hindu wedding!  Vegan food in abundance! She was a goddess, carried in on a golden thrown – EPIC! Just a beautiful day in sunny chigwell x



Off to brum for a lil break. Nearly got caught up in the RIOTS foolishness… Orange got destroyed!

I love my Godson, Cloron. He made me realise how beautiful life is and how simple it is. Such a wonderful child. Tash + Cloron r award-winning parents & my best friends. Love u all xxx



Went to the Really buff Boutique for a fish Pedi. It was OK, the fish weren’t responding well, they

were sucking my legs more than my foot-bottom lol.


Tash + Cloron came down from Brum for Tash 26th. Dinner on a boat! Docklands, Floating Locus


Raving with Emz abit


June – July 2011 – Hot damn, too many nights out, too many meetings, image revamp etc. Here goes it

The greyiest week in July inspired my choice  of  Grey Nail Polish – Barry M

Doing 4 hrs / day on these boris bikes with Ste, its bear agressive on the streets of Ldn man!

My new Fred Perry Patent Loafers courtsey of JoJo

Going on a date…

Birthday dress – Karen Millen, no shoes + no bra. For house party at mine

Nails Did! – My natural nails look FAKE Blud!

KU Bar + Heaven, welcome home Ste!

June 7th – On my North London run around, I was sporting white Kayobi Tee ” African Inspired” fresh from Kayobi Clothing, Ghana via London. I do love the ‘Make Fufu not war’ but it’s bcome too common.You can get your fresh tee here. (Black & White converse | Black washed out Icebrerg jeans, White Cardigan(vintage))

May 14th – I did like my gellish nails from NAILSBYMETS, they lasted very long ( 14days) but the take off process was unfavourable, especially when your busy and you dont have 2hrs to soak off nail polish. I’m sure the the nail world will solve that issue.So i’m back to my OPI polishes, self painted.


May 8th – I was the makeup designer & skincare specialist for the beautifully humble Grammy Nominee N’Dambi. Her manager, Miss Monica Young is very particular about N’Dambi’s brand, image & skincare needs, which worked perfectly with my pioneering natural beauty in the beauty industry.

I applied Quench Thy Thirst Nutritious Tonique to her face. She had pronounced pours after being on the road for a few months, and literally bombing it down to Brixton from Southport, Wales!

Balm for face and her body, Bobbi Brown stick foundation in Honey and soft sultry barely smokey eyes with nude gloss lips.

N’Dambi has taken a Quench Thy Thirst Balm back to LA and can’t wait to see how it heals the blemishes!



May 1st – went hairdressers with my sis, Emzie, she persuaded me to go RED for the summer. So here goes it..Red lips – Ruby Woo & Cherry liner by Mac. Allergen Free Dye by Sta Fro in Cinnamon, used  Balm as my leave-in-conditioner by  x


MOI                                         KANDI           RiRi            AMBER ROSE

April 29th – Hanging out with my sisters & my mum is just heavenly to me, I work so hard, that I bearly get a chance, but Easter was a great time to.

Her is my mum & me rocking my Gucci Shades. It’s great to know what I’ll look like when I’m 65 years old.

    ME      MOMMY

April 28th – Went out for the 1st time in ages, to Eminence, a night produced by my uni brother Gumbo. Was brill! Lots of great new talent. Look out for A.L – She is going to be huge! After the event, we created our own after party back at a lovely flat in Crouch End (The band member’s), with a cat called Boris, Rum, Red Wine & Pasta (Naughty!!! – I was drunk, forgive me!) which Connie & Pianist cooked! 5am, I was thrown into a car & put into bed. I love those days – Thanks Connie & Gumbo for taking me back to 2004 when we used to cause havoc at uni.

April 15th & 16th PM – Did Conya Doss’ Makeup for her UK Jazz Cafe Tour. What a remarkably humble lady, she has become a friend of mine, so refreshing to find a new person who is like minded, hugely talented and down-to-earth. She also bought the Entire Imperial Whipped Range & Wow Range.



April 14th AM – Did Baby Sol’s debut video for track ‘Always’. Was an incredible day working with Hair Technician Anwar, Nail Technician & Teacher Lystra, Stylist & Model Nickque, The infamous choreographer Dare Cullen Jones and WEAREKASH film crew.She bought the ? range

Baby Sol is a new ambassador of ?


April 13th – Did Conya’s Doss’s Makeup for Hot Minute Magazine with Tog, Ernest Jones. Was an absolute pleasure working in shaka Zulu venue in Camden Town, like an ethnic museum, just beautiful!

April 3rd -10th. My style this week was 90’s power dressing. Melanie Griffith from WORKING GIRLS 1988.

Shoulder pads, cream suit jackets and androgyny. love it

Fri 4th April, CBBC presenter Amanda came for her evening Eco-Luxe Facial & Raw Luxe Mango Dermabrasion Scrub before hitting the clubs! We heart Amanda

Fri 7th April, got my OPI nails painted by our beauty therapist, Patricia, at our spa. The perks of running your own spa !

Wed 6th april, Treated my team to a pamper day at the Holiday Inn, Croydon. Met Chirs Carter, An Allergen’s practitioner. Was so happy to have a new Allergies test done, the results were:

WHEAT only! I have conquered SUGAR, GLUTEN & DAIRY ALLERGIES. I am very proud! This really is a break through, my candida battle is 75% over! Her advice, was to drink bicarbonate of soda to combat the wheat allergy. Doing it, daily, let’s see how i get on!

Monday 4th April :Went upto Mitcham to grab some black lids for our product new & improved packaging. PET, yeah baby

OMG – This weekend at UK Aware, my only purchase was : USB Batteries! Eco, ethical and super efficient! Kristen, Fergua & Gina were raving about them. I’m becoming an eco-princess!

get your own USB CELL Batteries now!

Weekend 24th- 26th March – going fuschia lip! must be the excitement about my improved kiss from a rose labels.

Impassioned lipstick – MAC

Cherry – Liner

Monday 22nd March – I went to visit Naomi of NV London Calcutta at her incredibly retro chic HQ in Highbury to discuss raw skin food xmas 2011 toiletry bags from India and was bewildered by the beauty of her gorgeous cat. I LOVEEEEE CATS!

I think my boy Tiggs has found his future wife… purrrr-e love lol

Thurs 17th March – Revival of thrift treasure! Steve Madden shoes, Manhattan Sali Army 2009, first time i’ve worn them. I love the 60’s block heel and round toe

Sat 11th March – Orange Lips r my makeup fix 2011

Morange – MAC

Mango 24 – Bobbi Brown

Chestnut Liner – Mac

Mon 7th March-Pre Sugarlesque opening!

I love the black fish in the cute fish bowl!

Sat 5th – Komodo Store rocks!

People Tree Cardi- love love love!

These jeans are a definete HELL YEY! Monkee Genes

Retro Tan Nails – damn my nails are getting long, everyone thinks i wear tips – but its all naturale

O.P.I nail polish ‘OPI & Apple Pie’ shade

Mar 1st: Writing my NEW article – Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves for Promota Mags May Issue! Featuring London’s Top 5 Female Entrepreneurs

Some visual inspiration from Annie & Aretha! Love this song sooo much!

Mon 28th, No body does it better than KIM. NO.1 queen B!

Sund 27th Feb – Beauty Pro Expo – DLR ExCel London

I was soo suprised to see how many women were having semi permanent makeup done – basically, tattooed lipstick & eyebrows onto their face which lasts a least 2 yrs. Why wud anyone wanna wakeup with red lipstick on everyday?? and pay £300 quid for that displeasure!

Today was every therapists heaven! Nails, products, spa treatments, wholesale, new trends, I went made at the O.P.I counter & bought a shed load of nail polishes.

Purple Rain! wet sunday 27th

rocking: 90’s miss selfridges shoulder padded church dress

my nails are flipping growing sooo long & strong! must be all the calcium from the Imperial Whipped Balm

Playing this whilst finalising our training guides for new employees for the spa

I don’t know why, but this song tickles me. I fink its the ‘love u down’ bit.

Afternoon Ceylon Tea & Facials at our HQ for the owners of SUGARLESQUE!

Our NEW Stockist in Carnaby, 112 Kingly Court! Every sensual girls magical haven: handmade ethical lingerie, burlesque art & our decadent skinfood!

Look at the Sugarlesque  store owners, Clare & Ruka loving their  Lip balms.

Absolutely digging Clare’s leopard print leggings! HOT! Store opens 8th March! X

Thurs 24th After playing Basket Ball, Me & Rich found this: (click, pg 36)

rocking: Gap leggings, reebok trainers, addidas jumper, nico didonna hat, no makeup!

Weren’t in the right frame of mind to watch this film. Obviously as disturbing as Black Swan

Only HOOTT Vegan chicks can pull this off! Go Nat!

Fake Gold at Top Shop, Ox St.

Komodo Penelope Dress, Covent Garden. Think i’m gonna treat my self , sat 5th!

Matt & Nat NEW Collection S/S 2011 – Vegan handbags at their finest, i’m in lurve!


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