A day in the life of Patron: I am London Young Womens Day Patron, 2012

I was appointed as Patron of 2012, London Young Womens Day this month.

The event is on 27th July 2012, on the cusp of the olympics. This will be an incredible challenge and honor for me tosupport a noble event with anything I have to give.

I immediately jumped on board and revamped the website and branding.

I recruit celebrities, personalities who I think match the criteria and have something unique and wonderful to offer.

So far, I have recruited:

Former BBC’s weather presenter, Genelle Aldred to host the Awards Ceremony

Author & Teacher, Farzana Rahman to co-ordinate the ‘Care For Carer’s Special pamper Zone

I am constantly on the look out for health and beauty sponsors, practitioners, designers and artists who may want to get involved.

Keep in touch with our news page;


Visit the website: http://www.london-youngwomensday.co.uk/

Follow on twitter; @lyoungwomensday

Find on facebook; London Young Womens Day

Read my company blog too:



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