The Long & Short of it: Hair it goes…!

So, you all know I don’t own a tele, but the other day I watched ‘Made in Chelsea’ and was mesmerized by how seriously the guy with the long hair took pride in every strand. I thought, if he can care so much about his appearance & make an effort, hot damn – I will!

I wanted to portray an afro-centricy, be a natural beauty to the core, but then I realised that the short ‘fro was actualy ageing me – after all, I am only 25! I know, people always think i’m about 35+ because of how much I’ve achieved in the quarter of century i’ve existed.

I love Rihanna’s daring fire red hair, but felt that it may be abit to LOUD for me (excuse the pun). I dyed my natural hair dark red like Cheryl Cole, but you could hardly notice it. I thought it would be best to go for a strong colour inbetween Ruby and Orange.

Hair it goes…

The long & short of it is, there’s 10 days until Raw Skin Food turns 1yrs old! The website is due a Mega face-lift, Richard’s thinking of going slap-head bald,  so I thought i’d give myself longer, fuller, sexier tresses. Don’t worry, it is HUMAN HAIR extensions.


Get my look… Glasses: GUCCI Lipstick: Mac Girl About Town + Redd pencil Dress: FCUK

Rich reckons I look like a black Farah Fawcett. I reckon, more Chilli for TLC



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