Turning 26


My life has taken an interesting turn for the books, but just like most women who leave their partners + have their business taken from them as revenge, I will survive! I am no longer the director of Raw Skin Food. I Founded it and was the CEO until 27th June 2011. On 27th June 2011, Richard incorporated Raw Skin Food Limited, and hijacked my domain names, website, trademarked designs and business model. My customers are my no.1 priority and keeping them informed and connected has been a source of support. I decided to abandon a brand I created as the damage this theft has caused has really placed too much poor vibrations on Raw Skin Food which will be its inevitable downfall.

I do not have any affliation with:

the websites – so if you need to buy products, doing it online is at your own risk (Richards formula’s are non sustainable) http://www.rawskinfood.com or .co.uk or .net and products from him are produced in Birmingham (without Vegan Society approval).

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rawskinfood – UNFOLLOW it

If you read the website, you will be brought to fits of laughter at how Richard is proclaiming that he created my brand:

“This has been an issue since early childhood for Richard and due to his ongoing allergies to dairy, extra sodium (salt), nuts, wheat within his diet, he needed to find a natural alternative to the skincare products already on the market.

Richard¹s ambition is to bring the natural products he has developed to the rest of the United Kingdom and the wider world in the form of Raw Skin Food Limited” –

this can be found on the senior staff page of his website.

Insulting the publics intelligence is the worst business move in the world.

I guess he hasn’t read google over the past 12months + all the magazine reviews, interviews + product reviews about Clare Eluka, the founding director of Raw Skin Food. Most recent is from Dare2 Mag

Like any serial entreprenuer knows, there’s plenty more ideas in the thinktank !

‘A short term defeat is an opportunity for success’ – Napoleon Hill

So, what have I been upto since?



WORKING OUT – I am now my optimum weight 8 Stone, 3 pounds! Very proud! Gotta maintain it!






What’s next…

‘The best revenge is massive success’ – Frank Sinitra

I can only say, watch this space. XX


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