NEWS: Clare Eluka WINS Educator of the Year

On the cusp of Allergy Awareness Week, I decided to not exhibit at the Allergy-free from show. I have such a close relationship with my customers and felt as though the exhibition is good for food & drink, but there is still alot to be done for the EDUCATION of Allergy-free health & beauty products.

I rested well, headed up to High St Ken and joined the hundreds of people in the crowd… I had dreamt the night before that I would win, but when I arrived I became consumed with the voices in my head ‘ Not this year Clare, maybe next year…’ As they read out the category, I was filming and literally jumped out of my skin when they said : “And the winner is; Clare Eluka!” YES!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I have finally won an award!!!! I handed the camera to a gentleman sitting next to me and walked over to the stage, where I was greeted by Tola Olabanjo (the founder of Women for Africa), Rachael Williams (supermodel). I shock their hands and starred blankily into the audience, absolutely ecstatic!

I had no speech prepared, because I genuinely didn’t think I’d actually win. I thanked my family and everyone who voted and gracefully walked off the stage

This is the speech I wish i’d written:

I have been an educator since the age of 10. I was employed as an literay teacher for a bangali family near my estate, who wanted after school tutoring for their 4 year old daughter, Rani.

At college, I was inolved in the FIX UP movement, educating my peers about the importance of education and to encourage them to stay away from crime

when I was 18, I went to university, I was employed by my secondary school as a drama teaching assistant, whilst working in the beauty industry for global brands.

From 21, I have written for various health, beauty and business publications featuring Makeup Artists, stylists, models, women in business, and educating readers about plant based food, and lifestyle choices.I have been the Health & Beauty Editor at The Promota Magazine for over 3years

in 2009, at the age of 24, I qualified as an A-Level English and Drama teacher with a masters in education. This was the proudest moment.In the same month, I founded my 1st Vegan skincare business and shut it down in June 2011. I continued to educate my followers via my personal blog: A life less irritating about Allergy-free lifestyle and immunology.

Dec 2011, I emerged with my 2nd business, Premae Skincare, Award nominated, critically acclaimed, revolutionary, World’s 1st completely ‘freefrom’ face & bodycare. The same month I was commissioned by Children In Need to educate inner city teenagers about the Science of beauty.

March 2012, I was given my 1st guest speaking platform, educating attendees on how to set up a successful business in the recession. I am now penning a book to accompany the seminar, for which I reached an abundance of positive feedback.

Today, I am a proud AWARD WINNING Educator, completing my Allergy Practitioner Diploma, which will allow me to practice internationally as an Allergy Expert.

Education is the key to change. We can only change the world if we have education & action. My aim for 2012 – 2013 is to educate over 20,000 people about the brilliance of Allergy-free beauty, foods and lifestyle choices.

Thank you all for your loving support!

Look beautiful, feel beautiful

Clare Eluka

Owner & creato, Premae Skincare

Award Winning Educator of the year



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