Goodies: Coconut Butter


Known for being twice as hydrating as Water, World reknowned for its high protein and fibre content and it’s ability to single-handled with consistent daily intake, kill off Candida Albican cells in the gut.Rich in Vitamin E, K and essential fatty acids such as Linoeic, Oleic & Lauric Acid.

Coconut Oil is extracted from the pulp (the kernel) of the fruit. The oil is squeezed out of the milk which contains nautral water and can be fractionated to create Lauric Acid, a natural acid found in soaps and shampoos. The milk is whipped and left to cool creating a butter texture.

Lauric Acid can be used for severe viruses such as HIV, Herpes & Influenza.

Coconut Oil has been used for centuries for medicine, frying + cooking and even for lubrication!


Thai Green Curry

Coconut Rice

Viva Coco – Rihanna is the new face of the brand


Cleansing milk




Body Oils


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