Goodies: Ginger Oil



Ginger is one of the widest used vegetables used across Asian cuisines because of its immune boosting properties, carminative  (inducing gas & intestines) and is good when you are sick for explusion of boogers & phlegm (expectorant) and reduces fever (febrifuge) by causing the body to sweat (sudorific).

In skin care, Ginger is now starting to be regarded as a new phenomenal ingredient that has other incredible properties in the prevention of premature aging and other harsh skin ailments. Here are the top properties:

– analgesic (reduces & relieves pain)

– anti-emetic (prevents nausea or vomiting)

– antiseptic (naturally healing & relieving irritation)

Ginger’s non-toxic form is perfect for products for men, because of the male shaving process which puts the  lower region of the face through a sensitive and sometimes extremely harsh ordeal via shaving using blades, especially during a wet shave as the pores are completely open.

Usually, salon or spa professionals cleanse the skin with alcohol based products which aggravate the skin and are the biggest reason why shaving bumps occur, as the pores are clogged with one of the worst astringents.

Instead, using the Supreme Face Range  by Premae Skincare is the perfect soloution for Allergen free shaving system.

– Pore the Nutritious Cleansing milk and massage it into the lower face area

– use your razor to shave

– clean the hair with fresh water

– spray the non alchoholic Supreme Face tonique on the entire face to close the pores

– apply a generous amount of the Supreme Face Balm to act as a 2nd skin, protecting the skin tissue which adding a natural clean radiance

By Clare Eluka, creator of


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