Nasties: Beeswax

Ok, Ok, Ok. I guess I will only have the Vegans chanting in admiration for my admittance about this, but yes – indeed, Beeswax is on my list of not-so-great ingredients. And this is why:

Beeswax, firstly, is Comodegenic.

What is comedogenic?

Comodegenic means Clogging or Blocking of the skin tissues pores. It is fabulous for eating and can help with Hay Fever, but when spread on the skin or scalp, it can create a thick layer which can actually cause break outs as the skin can not breathe with the heavy wax on the top layer of the skin.

Nutritionally, it does not offer anything to the skin, apart from aiding the formulation of Water & Oil to blend well (Emulsification).

There are a few brands who pride theirselves on the use of Beeswax:

– Bee Yummy

– Burts Bees

– Apples & Pears

– Balm Balm

Secondly, and most importantly, the over-use of Bee Pollen & Honey are creating an extinction of Bees which is dangerous and detrimental to our environment.

On the up side, Beeswax is great for cuts and wounds for healing.

Written by Clare Eluka, Founding Director of Raw Skin Food


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