Freelance journo

From time to time, I write for a selection of publications, have a gander:

My weekly column on Pride Mag NG

My column on Black Brides Mag

Who runs the world?

Ghana’s budding Fashion Entrepreneur

Top 5 Summer Scents

Living with Eczema

Living with Psoriasis

Living with Dermatitis

Living with Acne

Olympics Carve out BAME businesses from contracts, The Promota Mag April 2012

Bridal Beauty & Gorgeous Green Grooming at Premae Skincare

Women & Business: Is misogny holding Africa’s economy back? The Promota Dec 2011

Interview celebrity Actor OBE Rudolph Walker

Interview celebrity Actor Will Johnson

Promota – Top Ten Winter Beauty Must Haves

Fight the power – self directed, produced, special commission for issue 21

Floral Fun Nails at your fingertips

United colours of Africa – Makeup self directed commision for NAW

10 beauty wonders I heart for Spring

Avoid + Conquer! Beauty Tips for Mature Women

NYC Fashion Week Makeup Trends

Detox your skin

Christmas Gilded Golds + Chocolate Looks

Angelic Festive Makeup Looks


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