Essay 103: How I cured myself of Candida Albican pt.1

Hi All,

You know all about my Candida Albican’s allergies – how it gave birth to my search for botanical brilliance which manifested in Premae Skincare & curved my fluxation for Pescetarism, to Vegetarism to full Vegan + occasional Raw Food diet.

Well – This April 2011, I went to have an Allergen Test done, and to my upmost tearful delight:

Chris, my practitioner told me: You only have WHEAT Allergies now Clare!

I hit the roof! Yippeeee!!! No longer allergic or intolerant to Dairy, Gluten or Sugar!!

After six long & hard years of watching my diet, using aromatherapy + Ayurdevic medicine, Chinese Herbs, Strict disciplined diet, avoiding all of my favourite foods (Cakes, Sweets, Bread, Rye, Barley, Cheese) & using my Premae Skincare products


I still have to watch my WHEAT intake – which is a bummer, but after 6 yrs since 2005 I am a pro at buying wheat-free + gluten free Hardough bread or having breadless sandwiches (posh way of saying salad) which is lots more healthier anyway.

What people fail to over stand, is that dealing with any Allergy or Intolerance can play havoc with your social life, personal life & mental well being. The positive psychological maintenance you need to prevail at times when you are so weak with lathargy, your skin is terrible or your throat is killing you, can have a huge burden of stress on the heart, body & soul. No one prepares you for this, no-one understands what you are dealing with on a daily basis unless they are experiencing it too.

I hope this doctorate can shed a little light on my experience + ways to control your condition. I will write a book within the next 2yrs covering everything in depth.

So- How did I do it? How can you set yourself free & heal your body of Candida Albican or at least any one of the Allergies ( Wheat, Dairy, Gluten or Sugar):

CURE SWAP SHOP – Allergies don’t have to be a pain, take pleasure in looking after your health

Dairy Swap Shop –

* Cows Cheese – Cheese Free powder from Holland & Barrets, goes great on pasta. Homemade Cashew Nut Cheese, first tried it at Saf resturant in Old St, Now Rich makes it every week. spreads beautifully on toast or rye-vita.

*Cows Milk – so many options now. My fav is Coconut Milk by Kara, but you can get Rice Milk, Soya Milk, Oat Milk. (When making Tea, pour the milk in first, then add hot water to stop curdling). Saisbury’s freefrom section

* Cows Yoghurt – Go for Alpro or visit Mother Earth for Sojade Yoghurt (Soya)

* Dairy Chocolate – Kinnerton (Soya milk), Moo Free (Completely Allergen Free), Green & Blacks (Dark 70% Cocao with Soya) all at Wholefoods

* Dairy Icecream – Swedish Glace + Worthenshaws  both at Sainsbury’s & Morrisons

* Egg – Tofu or Soya Chunks at Holland & Baretts or China Town

Gluten Swap Shop –

* Alchohol – Go for Vodka or buy De-Glutenised Beer

*  Barley, Spelt, Rye – Rice Noodles, Rice Bread. China Town is excellent for rice products)

Sugar Swap Shop –

* Jam – Buy Coconut Jam from China Town

* Cakes, Biscuits, Sweets – almost impossible to find in supermarkets. MAKE UR OWN!! I am addicted to carrot cake, so I learned how to make it.

Pandan Leaf cake

* Sugar sweeteners – If you are not Vegan, go with Honey. If you are, go with pure Demerara, in small amounts. Basically, wane yourself of ALL sweet things with natural sweet fruits. I had this mental deal with myself, everytime I would think about a chocolate bar – I would have to eat a piece of fruit.

Wheat Swap Shop –

Bread – Genius bread+ now Warburtons Gluten+ wheat free bread. They both contain egg however, so not Vegan. Both from Sainsbury

Pasta – wheat free pasta from Planet Organic

Meat – YES!!!! MEAT! I gave up meat primarily, because most animals are grazed on WHEAT! So, if i have a WHEAT allergy, how could I go on eating animals that feed on my allergy! Then, the social, political and environmental research confirmed my Vegan reality. I’ve never looked back. The fact is, if you have a wheat allergy, eating meat will only enhance it. So for your allergies sake, cut down on meat or try once you have done your research to eliminate it for good!

Yes, Allergen Free food is more expensive but is your skin, body, hair, nails + mental health more important than an extra quid on most products? YES.

I hope this has been a helpful, insightful & uplifting essay. In part 2, I will discuss some positive books, essential oils, resturants & lifestyle choices that you can use to help you in your journey to Allergen-free liberation.

The thing to consider is that most foods on the market contain at least one Allergen. So, always READ THE LABEL and try to make your own foods from scratch! to fully eliminate Allergens.

Life becomes easier once you know WHY you are doing what you are doing. Some times you may experience self loathing, thinking ‘ why is this happening to me?’ I used to feel this way, but then when it came to me that I was given this experience to teach people & myself about holistic happiness, I changed my thoughts from self pity to celebration. I transformed from Why – to HOW. How can I make the most of this condition? How can I empower others? How can I turn this into a victory or success?

      “Once you know the WHY for living, you can endure any HOW

friedrich nietzsche (1844- 1900)

Allergies Testing:


Written & produced by Clare Eluka. Copyright 2011. All written originally by Clare Eluka on May 1st 2011. No part of this transcript should be re-produced in part or full without the authors permission.


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