Essay 104: Go Vegan, get your sexy back!


Going Vegan has many benefits, both mentally and physically with the ethical foundations enhanced once the journey begins. Becoming a Vegan can liberate you, re-define your body, clear your mind and revamp your sex life!

Celebrities like Alicia Silverstone are proud of their Vegetarian lifestyle, recently posing naked for PETA and Grammy Award Winner Natalie Portman raising the profile of Veganism.

Initially, when someone thinks about going Vegan or even vegetarian, they always think about the things they can’t have or will miss, such as the cheese, milk and chicken wings.

The trick is to not dwell on all the pot roasts and spicy meatballs you’ll be missing out on. Focus your mind on the positive wellbeing that you are embracing with the new culinary changes, which enrich your lifestyle and those around you.

Clarifying the difference between Veganism and Vegetarianism can frazzle meat-eaters.

Vegetarian: Not consuming any animal flesh including chicken, fish, beef, lamb, pork etc. A Vegetarian can eat animal by-produce including dairy and honey.

Veganism: Not consuming animal flesh and animal by produce including honey from bees.

It has become common knowledge that because of the high content of wheat in meat, women with IBS or Candida Albican (like me) are most likely to give up meat as a means of complimenting their wellbeing and encouraging fresh flora in the intestines and gut.

Both wheat and meat have a habit of making women and children feel sluggish and tired. Most people are sceptical about eliminating it from their diet as the lack of education around plant or vegetable protein foods are less prominent in mainstream media.

Here is a few rich protein based foods which can be delicious substitutes for meat:

–       chick peas

–       kidney beans

–       tofu

–       soya + soya beans

–       flax seeds

–       nuts including: almond, walnut, peanuts, cashew

–       pecans

By consuming more greens on a daily basis, the body’s natural water intake increases and vegetables contain a high level of water. Swap your bloated belly for a washboard stomach and a peachy backside!

A karma-free diet can have more positive effects than your physical appearance. You can enjoy a more physical sex life as a Vegan diet is known for increasing positive endorphins and increase libido. You may find that your sex drives increases and your partner can thank the portions of peas for that!

Go ahead, get your sexy back and go Vegan.

For more help and support with taking the first steps to Veganism, visit:

Written by Clare Eluka, Beauty & Health Writer, Oct 2011


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